Beyond the Ocean’s Edge:
A Stone Island Sea Story

“No, sir!  Not that, sir!”  Hotchkiss was nearly beside himself in his fright, and it fast approached a full panic.  Odd, that such a slight distraction could affect Pierce’s friend that way.  Isaac had always been the cooler of them.

          Hotchkiss continued on.  “Ed! You didn’t see it?”  The use of his captain’s first name on deck attested to the first lieutenant’s growing apprehension and maddening confusion.

          “See what, Isaac, my old friend?”  Pierce recognized his shipmate’s state of mind and did not correct his lapse of quarterdeck etiquette.  Clearly, a more personal and comfortable approach was needed.

          “The stars!  The stars, Ed!  We weren’t just looking up at ’em.  We were amongst them.  There was the sea, and then there wasn’t.  An’ the stars were below us as well!  And we were there, right among them, like we were the stars themselves, or the moon, or….”

          “I’m sure you saw what you’ve described.  Unfortunately, I chanced not to see it, although I have had a strange feeling of timelessness.”


          In the first of the Stone Island Sea Stories, author D. Andrew McChesney takes the reader Beyond the Ocean’s Edge.  At the beginning of the nineteenth century, during the Peace of Amiens, Royal Navy Lieutenant Edward Pierce and the crew of HMS Island Expedition sail in search of an island that can’t be found unless you already know how to get there.  Sail headlong into mistaken identities, naval battles, strange truces, dangerous liaisons, international intrigue, superstition, and ancient prophecies.


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Sailing Dangerous Waters:
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Description automatically generatedAnother Stone Island Sea Story

The Gallician frigate had come out of the fog from windward, and had fired its first devastating broadside into the Tritonish frigate from near point-blank range.  They paralleled each other, mere yards apart, and made no effort to alter course or maneuver for an advantage.  With more sail set now, the schooner forged ahead and rapidly closed with the frigates.  “Ready the port battery!”

          “Aye aye, sir!”

          “Helm, steer as to pass between them!”

          “Aye aye, sir!”

          “Sure madness, Edward!” warned Hotchkiss.

          “But a method to it, Isaac!  When I give word, we must put into the wind, and as our guns bear, concentrate fire on the Toad’s starboard quarter.  Let us then fall off the wind and repeat with the starboard battery.”

          “Aye!”  Hotchkiss nodded with understanding.

          Fully awake and alert, his senses at their sharpest, Pierce watched the battling frigates grow larger.  The damp night air whipped past, mingled with spray thrown up by Island Expedition’s hurried dash through the sea.  Despite the apprehension in his gut, Pierce felt alive.


          Pierce and the men of HMS Island Expedition want nothing more than to return to their own world and England.  Will the ship and its valiant crew find the way back through dangerous waters, and once again touch their homeland’s shores?  Will Pierce be united with his beloved Evangeline?

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New, second Edition available on-line via…
Amazon, Paperback, Kindle

Original Edition may be available on-line via…
Amazon, Paperback, or Barnes and Noble, Nook or Paperback

Available in the local area at…
The Well-Read Moose, 2048 N. Main Street, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Darnahsian Pirates:
The Third Stone Island Sea Story


Description automatically generatedA final broadside roared from the port battery, sending twelve-pound shot and massive clouds of musket balls and jagged pieces of scrap metal―langrene―into the Darnahsian Pirate vessels. Splinters buzzed through the air. Lines snapped, their freed ends slicing like whips. Mooring bitts, fife rails, handrails, and other deck furniture disintegrated. Bits and pieces of what had been human beings splattered the bulwarks and deck. “Get those lines across!”          Grappling hooks soared from the schooner’s port side and lodged in the pirate’s hull and rigging. The lines were drawn tight, and the two vessels lashed together. In the bows, the Kalish warriors continued their ungodly howl as they unleashed volley after volley of arrows into the amassed pirates. At Sergeant Lincoln’s order, blue-coated marines stepped to the rail, avoiding the seaman securing their guns. When he gave the word, they raised their muskets as one, and at the command, “Fire!” let loose a volley into the exposed enemy on deck. Then they fixed bayonets and prepared to board.

          “Boarders away!” yelled Pierce, springing for the rail.


          Having returned to England and reuniting with Evangeline, Edward Pierce once again sails beyond the ocean’s edge, accompanied by his beloved and two additional vessels.  At Stone Island, they despair to find her father absent.  Pierce now embarks across dangerous waters, leading a combined naval expedition charged with rescuing several Vespican governors held for ransom by the Darnahsian Pirates.  Among them is Harold Smythe, Evangeline’s beloved Papa.

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