Bob Gabbert

Reviewed by D. Andrew McChesney


††††††††† What a coincidence!I am reading a story about the woman governor of a western state who becomes Vice President of the United States, when Senator John McCain taps Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate.Like Palin, Lori White is young, attractive, and not afraid to shake things up.†† She differs in party affiliation, state (Washington), and marital status (single).

††††††††† Pivoting around the Election of 2012, EVERGREEN IS MOVING is not about the first woman Vice President.It is the story of the first woman President, for soon after the new administration takes office, the President is killed in a terrorist attack.Unexpectedly thrust into the Oval Office, Lori White must rally a sorrowing nation, find those responsible for her predecessorís death, and attempt to bring true peace to the Middle East.She uses a combination of linguistic abilities, diplomatic skills, and keen insight, while she disregards and breaks down patterns of distrust formed decades ago in order to accomplish her goals.

††††††††† In President Lori White, author Bob Gabbert creates a believable, compelling, and admirable character.If she was real, many would undoubtedly cross party lines to vote for her.Through her, the writer offers a possible peace plan for the Middle East.EVERGREEN IS MOVING should be required reading for future Presidents and other world leaders.Extremely well written, it should be on everybodyís desired reading list.


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