Return from Armageddon

By Sue Eller

Reviewed by D. Andrew McChesney


          In the not too distant future, all of Earth is united as the Federation of United Countries and United Peoples.  Realizing the possibility of invasion from space, Becky Johnson designs a defense system to protect the planet.  On her way to the initial activation of the system, Becky disappears and earth-changing events begin to occur.

          This small book, which can be read in a fraction of the time required for most, packs an amazing story into a relatively small package.  There is an understated but noted parallel with Biblical history and prophecy.  Many characters appear to be modern versions of those from Scripture, identified in the story by more modern contemporary names.

          The author does a marvelous job of combining Science Fiction with Biblical history and prophecy, while stirring in a bit of sarcastic humor and irony.  The final result is certainly plausible, although not what we are led to expect by traditional interpretations.

          Return from Armageddon, ISBN 9781477655726 carries a cover price of $9.00 and is available on Amazon, both in paperback and Kindle formats.