Santa’s Heroes

By Bob Manion

Reviewed by D. Andrew McChesney


          Who steps in to aid Santa and the rest of the Christmas Delivery Team when events do not go as planned?  The answers are found in Santa’s Heroes.  A varied assortment of individuals, ones you could meet on the street and those that exist only in your imagination help Santa through many adverse situations.  Unlikely helpers include a cowboy and his horse, sled dogs that can fly, and the United States Marine Corps Reserve.  In this relatively small volume we also learn much of how Santa accomplishes his yearly task.  How does he fit presents for a world of children in one bag?  Why does no one ever catch Santa in the act of leaving gifts, unless it is meant for one to see him?

          Santa’s Heroes is a delightful book, suitable in my opinion for anyone capable of reading it.  One might also read it, a story or chapter at a time, to pre-schoolers.  Yet it has qualities that make it worthwhile for adults to read.  Older readers with a sentimental heart will feel their eyes water in places.  Goodness, cooperation, and happy endings prevail.  It is a feel good read.

          Santa’s Heroes, ISBN 978-0-9788507-3-9 was originally self-published by Robert L. Manion.  A newer edition, ISBN 978-1-936178-09-4 had been published by Gray Dog Press and retails for $13.00.