The Dry Diggin’s Club

Bob Weldin

Reviewed by D. Andrew McChesney


          Growing up in a ranching and mining Montana family, Sara Mullins is drawn into geological exploration and mine engineering.  After college she becomes one of the first women to work in the male dominated field.  She does extended field work in the Idaho wilderness and then in Alaska.  While there, she successfully drives off a marauding grizzly and meets who she believes is the man of her dreams.  Closer to home, she becomes a member of the Dry Diggin’s Club, a group of mining professionals seeking to better their position.  Along the way she discovers some unique advantages of aircraft equipped with auto-pilots, learns that not everyone can be trusted, and foils an attempt at extortion.

          This proved to be an entertaining and enjoyable read.  In large part the story is set in the local region, with much of the story taking place in Coeur d’Alene or Spokane.  One scene takes place at this reviewer’s current place of employment, and that establishment is mentioned in another.  Although it does play a part in the story, it is surprising that the Dry Diggin’s Club doesn’t play a larger more central role throughout the book.

          ISBN 978-0-578-10682-3 was published by Miner’s Quest and retails for $19.95.