In 1802, Edward Pierce of the Royal Navy sails in HMS Island Expedition to find a half-forgotten legendary island. Upon its discovery, Pierce and his shipmates find that the island exists, and that they are in a completely different but very similar world.

Excerpt from book One... BEYOND THE OCEAN'S EDGE

Excerpt from book Two... SAILING DANGEROUS WATERS

Excerpt from book Three... DARNAHSIAN PIRATES

(All three excerpts are up!  Books “one” and “two” have been updated to reflect the latest versions available as of 24 June 2012)

TENNIS BALLS AND BROADSIDES  One of two first place winners in the first periodic AUTHOR! AUTHOR! AWARDS FOR WRITING EXCELLENCE.  www.annemini.com/?p=5092

A short (Science Fiction) Stone Island Sea Story… MR TOWNSEND’S CHRONOMETER

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